Phone Sex

: Looking for the best phone sex? You've found it, here at NiteFlirt.

This is no actual tease.

This is your chance for immortality.

This is a Blackmail art project.

And you can be part of it.

In fact I would very much like you to be part of it!!

I am going to make a book.

A book about men, who like the thought of being blackmailed.

So this is your chance. Be part of my blackmail book!

Ok you need to be a little daring... But it might be worth it.

Would you like to be in a book?

Imagine complete strangers holding a book with you inside not knowing who you are? Can you imagine hanging in a gallery for everyone to see??

I am an artist / photographer - but more about me later…

So how is this going to work?

We will create a portfolio of you. Some photos and some text. We will give the viewer some information, but not too much.

In detail you need to do 3 things:

1. Fill out a questionnaire (listed in my Goodies Bag)

2. Send me photos

3. and finally meet me on Skype webcam (you can purchase my Skype ID in my goodies bag)

Here are the details:

You need to fill out a questionnaire.

The idea is to give the reader some information on you. Something on your living conditions (like: are you married? do you have kids? what is your profession?) and something on your kinks (Do you like to dress feminine? Do you like the thought of chastity?).

You do not to be 100% accurate with your answers, but I would appreciate if you would be as honest as possible. Give away something. Give away as much as you dare. Don't give away everything!

Then you need to send me photos of you. They will be the blackmail material. Wear your sluttiest outfits, bring out your dildos and your chastity devices. Use a marker to write on your body, do whatever you like. Just be creative and a little scandalous! Your face should not be included (If it is, I will blacken it out). We want to give the readers clues, but not really tell who you are. After all you are supposed to be a mystery.

I will probably use up to 6 photos, it's better if you send me more.

Again we want to give away some information, but still hide your face.

Also you will need to sign a release, which I will provide. It will give me your permission to use the photos for the book and for other artistic use. (no commercial use!!) Legally I am not allowed to publish your photos without your permission. That is why you cannot be part of the project, if you are not willing to give me your written permission. (If you want to protect your privacy, you don't need to sign with your real name. Still I will consider it legally binding... We will talk about that.)


Godde$$ $herine  Sensual, Erotic, and Sexy Sadistic Domination:


Blackmail, Intox and bondage training, humiliation and degradation, sissification and objectification, shoe and foot worship.