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Bratty Bitch Owns Your Manhood
Your penis is tiny! No wonder you have to get one special made because it's so small! It's really pathetic how undeveloped it is.
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No More Stroking Chastity Slut
I dare you to put this chastity device on. I am very capable of letting everyone on the internet know you are my bitch. My middle finger goes up just for you.
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Tease And Denial
I am going to teach you how to stroke your cock with a cum countdown and at the end, I might make you cum, or I might just give you a ruined orgasm, haha!
ruined orgasm, jerk off instruction, JOI
FinDom Blackmail Home Wrecker
I will totally drain your wallet.
blackmail, findom, financial domination
Blackmailed By FemDomme
Buy me whatever I want.
blackmail, findom, financial domination
No More Masturbation
Now that I have the keys I tell you what kind of information I want from you. If you don't your cock will be locked up.
Bratty Cuckoldress Owns You
My boyfriends coming over and since your still here I will let you watch but you can't touch. He is a strong man and your just a wimpy girl.
Be My Cuckold Slave
I just came back from a date from my boyfriend. You are so lucky you get to watch your goddess. Your going to have to pay to watch because he is good in bed and you are pretty useless to me. You are just a loser.
Fat Loser Abuse
You are so fat and useless, the only good to serve by giving me money and be a source for my amusement. As if I would ever touch a loser like you. Keep dreaming, fatso! You have finally found a purpose in your life: worshipping my hot body!
fat humiliation, loser abuse
Here Piggy, Piggy!
I want you to buy me a house, give me all your money and the keys to your car. I will seduce you and then when your broke, I will leave with all of your money.
financial domination
Worship My Feet, Loser!
My feet are so soft, you want to suck my sexy toes and give me a foot massage!
foot fetish
Bisexual Humiliaton
Hey faggot! Today your going to be bisexual! I am going to have you sex with another guy. Your going to start liking it in the ass. I am going to tell you all the different ways I get you to be gay. After my friend fucks your ass and mouth it will be official!
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Guided Masturbation Instructions
I want you to pull your cock out of your pants because I am going guide you on how to jack off for me.
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Smoking And Coughing Brat
Horny for my smoke aren't you? Come spy on me smoking a cigarette. I light it up and exhale a big smoke clouds. I know I make you feel weak and powerless every time I enjoy a cigarette.
smoking fetish, ignore fetish
Tiny Cock Verbal Abuse
Is that all you have? I don't have sex with guys with small cocks. You are a little dick loser. Your cock Is disgusting. Is that what you call a cock? It's freakishly tiny. That is pretty sad and pathetic.
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Cum And Eat It
This is the hottest cum eating clip you will ever see. I want you to jack off to my tight ass and eat your cum. Your going to cum on your belly and lick it off. Your going to act like it's the best thing you've tasted in your entire life.
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