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My friends call me RYAN. You FAGGIES will call me MASTER - if you dare at all. I did my tour kickin terrorist ass in Afghanistan so I seriously suggest you DO NOT even try to fuck with me because YOU will be the one who gets fucked up. When I deal with your shit it's because I'm out of the army now and your going to be the one to finance this AMERICAN HERO'S lifestyle stateside.

Any questions? Here's your answer:

Be prepared to PAY or FCUK YOU FAGGOT!

When I say "JUMP!" you ask "HOW HIGH MASTER?"

When I say "PAY!" you say "HOW MUCH MASTER?"


Yes Master I got it.

Good FAGGY. I hope for your sake you got it right.

My HOT ROCK COCK makes you sweat

Peek at the MIGHTY HOODED COBRA just hangin out

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