Phone Sex

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It`s lurking inside you...

Smoldering embers of forbidden desires stroked into fires consuming your soul...


Seductive, it whispers, embrace Me... tempting you sweetly to relinquish control...

All secrets reveal themselves in due time.

Was it by chance, by stroke of luck, by Providence itself that you have come to Me?

Or was it a spell I cast on you, in the Darkness of the Night?

I enslave you with seduction, lure you with temptation and sweet promise of bliss.

Deviant, Sadistic and Twisted, I will take from you everything, turn your world as you know it upside down, feeding off your fetishes as I take your soul straight to Hell.

Mindfucking you until you don`t know whether you`re coming or going, using Dark Magick and My charms, Pushing your limits and pulling your strings.

It`s useless keeping your guard up against My evilness. It slides past your defenses as I enchant you with My silky purr and infect you with My poisoned truth.

Against your better judgment you`ll become My addict, drawn by the deviance of corruption I expose you to.

I`m like a Vampire that feeds of your fetishes, a mystical creature preying on your weakness. Succubus seducing you with carnal desires and draining your soul...

Now is your last chance to run, but You know, you will stay. hahahahaha

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