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I know I am ready for action.

You are back again. The addictions that own you, mind body and soul, somehow keep steering you back into the arms of those who would take advantage of you.  You typically come away from a alpha, drained, financially weaker and unfulfilled. Even though there are a few inferiors who can find a climax after being taken advantage of, they all commonly find the  same empty hopelessness that lures them back a day later. You need help but you don't know where to turn. We both know you'll never be able to stop your addiction to being a victim,. You feel a deepening despair, and watch helplessly as real men happily poison what remains of  your self-esteem and self worth. Getting professional help is out of the question. You simply enjoying the process of others making you weak.  You only solution, is to get help from someone who cares. I want to show you how much I care about you.  I care about you're suffering and inevitable path to ruin. I want to help you out of this addiction of being a victim to strangers, and watch you find mindless bliss as you are seduced completely, allowing me to effortlessly weaken you, as you become My victim. Together we will uncover all of your weaknesses and insecurities. Let me help you find that closeness you are desperate for. Together, we will weaken you so completely that You will cheer yourself on to give 100%.  So many have thanked me for freedom from independent thinking that had almost ruined the rush of exhilaration I helped all of them feel. Many losers express feeling a erotic and addictive sense of mindlessness as succeeded, Together , in overcoming useless things such as worth, hope, and strength.  I make sure I drill the value of surrender to hopelessness, and watch as my addiction therapy helps fortify the sense of self defeat, thus making that slow walk on the road to ruin, one they are completely unable to regret. I give a 100% as well, and I constantly drill In new exciting and lobotomizing therapy. I take great pleasure in doing what i do and pleasure for you is only a phone call away.