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Men need me to control them. They dont know what they want  and they think they own me. Its ridiculous. I dont want their attention but some how I seem to ruin them and hynpotize them and they follow me. They end up doing whatever I say just to talk to me. Because I'm a Goddess. They flood my social media account inboxes with vomit worthy dick pics... UGH  you pathetic worms! I don't want your filthy penis... keep it out of my site! You make me sick... i dont want you... you want my attention? Pay for it! You want to talk to me? Give me your money. You want my number? Pay for it. You see... I want nothing from you, and if you want anything from me you're going yo have to pay for it.
You want the truth? I'll give it to you. I think youre pathetic loser. A waste of my time... so i'm going to make you pay for any small piece of it.
Then i'll be done with you...and i'll just use your money too buy things to make myself even more appetising so I can ruin you even further hahaha
maggot! Get on your knees bitch!
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