Phone Sex

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Pathetic looser GIVE ME your soul!!!

Money is only a symbol. A tool. And you have TOO much! It does not bring you happiness. It brings you only pain. I prefer to be the source of all your pain. The hell with the bills. The hell with all those bill collectors. They try to control you, but I should be the only one in your life that does that! I am the control freak. The power hungry Goddess that rules it all. GIVE ME your MONEY! you can always get more. Then give that to me too. I'll spend your money on much more important things. My life will be carefree, and joyful. Your pathetic life will still be the same, but at least now it has a more of a
Do not waste my time! Bring me your submission and be prepared to amuse me, to give me your body, to allow me enjoy your flesh.

Do as I say. Pleasure my body and let me use you in any way I desire. Have toys??? bring them with you. Be naked! Be ready! I understand what you need. However, I will satisfy MY needs first and foremost. You are merely a piece of meat. I'm aroused by taboos, naughty little secrets. If you have a nasty little secret, a dirty little fantasy...I'd like to hear all the dirty details. I enjoy listening to nasty, naughty, forbidden secrets. Or else be prepared to get used.

If this is not your cup of not call me! If you are truly submissive and willing to please an experienced Mistress then bring it on.

I will indeed take you for a ride.....LOL  photo MyWill_zps805fc210.jpg