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Too many handjobs!!!!! I'm known for giving the perfect hand job. Yes, there's a right way and wrong way. There is a right way and a wrong way to giving your customer a great hand job. I want to tell how to give the customer a hand job not just the right way, but the most incredible way, when he comes back in your parlor, he will want you all the time. Concentrate on just getting a few of the following things right, and your customer will be in heaven when you put your hands down there. 1. Hand Job Foreplay Rather than just grabbing his penis and giving him a hand job as fast as you can, you'll find that it's way hotter to slowly build up to it with what I like to call "Hand Job Foreplay." Start by kissing him like you normally would. While kissing him, slowly lower your hand toward his crotch outside his clothes. Slowly brush past his crotch and start to softly rub the inside of his thigh. After doing this for about a minute, slowly move your hand over his groin area (while still outside his clothes) and start to gently grab and massage his penis.At this stage, you should hear him starting to groan and sigh. Now, it's time to slowly unbutton his pants and slip your hand inside his underwear to slowly hold grab hold of his penis. But there's no need to speed up just yet. Do everything very slowly and sensually so that you give your customer time to enjoy each and every one of your touches. If you're not getting too caught up in the heat of the moment, then you can make hand job foreplay last for up to 10 minutes. I KNOW SOMETIMES YOU CAN LOSE CONTROL WITH YOUR CUSTOMER GIVING THIS KIND OF HANDJOB. 2. The Two-Hander Many women never properly learn how to give a good hand job. As a result, they end up only using one technique. This is what I call "The Claw," where you simply grab him and keep tugging it up and down, non-stop, at the same speed until he orgasms without ever changing your grip. This isn't absolutely terrible, but it is quite boring (and often very tiring). A very easy way to change things up when jerking him off is to alternate between using one hand and using two hands on him. When you do this, you'll be able to stimulate both his shaft and the top of his penis. You'll also find that he thoroughly enjoys it when you switch between hands while giving him a hand job.3. Ball Sports It goes without saying that your man's testicles are incredibly sensitive. In fact, they are the last place your man ever wants to get hit, because they are so sensitive. The good thing is that you can exploit this sensitivity when giving him a hand job. How do I know this you might ask........I have given many handjob my hands cramp some times.....well I guess I could keep going but I don't want to give all my secrets away. I guess you just need to go to your nearest Asian parlor and ask for a handjob.