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Bratty princess deserves nothing but the best!!!!!

I'm a fucking Princess and you're a fucking loser.
(but you like that, don't you?)

20 years old, 135 lbs. at 5'4 with 10 tattoos and cute little titties. I'm here to listen and laugh at you pigs while you tell me all about your disgusting fantasies. I get off on taking advantage of, humiliating and degrading weak older men while they pay me for it. My ultimate aphrodisiac is spending someone else's money on pretty little dresses and panties and sex toys (and maaaaybe letting my maggot-boy watch while I wear/use them). I want you at my feet, begging for my attention and giving me whatever my pretty heart desires at that moment. I know just how adorable I am and how desperate you are for such a precious little thing in your life. The only way to get any kind of attention from me whatsoever is to buy it.

Despite my cutsie looks, I'm truly a kinky little bitch who's into a wide range of fetishes including BDSM, sadomasochism, heavy name-calling, impact play, power exchange, and (obviously) spending all of your fucking money. If you're going to submit to me, you need to submit completely or I'll never be satisfied. I need control, and you're dying to give it up. Think you'll make a good pet for me? Fucking prove it, pig.

Now show your Princess what a good little boy you are ;)
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Prove your worth

Tell me I'm pretty

Contribute to my rent

Contribute to my next tattoo

Feed me for the week

Take me out to dinner

Treat me to a manicure