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There are happy naughty playful sweet ‘birthday’ spankings……you get as many as the years you lived on the planet earth, and then, one to grow upon.

There is the slapping of the ‘hand’ across the buttocks or on one cheek at a time or even on the thighs.

There is the soft or hard ‘paddle’……leather-wood-fur-plastic-cloth.

There is the ‘paddle’ with or without holes.

There is the ‘riding crop’, apparently used on humans, at times, or just simply as a tease, or as an intense threat.

There is ‘the switch’ or ‘the stick’ torn off trees or found on the ground after a storm……whatever you do, don’t get one that breaks.

There are the ‘strong weeds’…..found on any terrain.

There is the ‘cane’…..penetrates so deeply…..your whole body vibrates to the bone.

There is the ‘water hose’ used in the heat of the moment when nothing else is close by.

There is ‘the boot’ you get when no spanking is fast enough.

There is the ‘horse whip’ again, some humans want to be beaten with it or at least hear it crack.

There is ‘the ruler’ that can be used on the hands….the feet….the buttocks….inner thighs, and even, on penises and testicles.

There is ‘the mistress’ who insist you deserve it or need it; ‘a spanking’ that is.

Do you need a ‘spanking’………do you?

Do you believe in them, only for adults, of course?

It could leave marks-stripes-bruises…..burnings for days after.

Bottoms up!! It’s time for your spankings……come here.

I’m waiting…..for ‘you’.

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