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Her sexual world consists of YOU” and “HER” and a Phone Call:

What makes her-you feel good….feel right? Staying a little girl or little boy for life….staying innocent….brainwashed…..fooled….self-involved… unprepared….kidding ourselves vs working hard to grow to become balanced in all things… realistic….more right than wrong…..caring vs not giving a dame….to love and be loved.

Are you ready to get involved….to see what’s real…..what’s the real you vs what others have made you to be or the easy-hard way out.

All things in one’s life must work. The closer to reality the better life gets and the better life works.

How will you live? How will you die? What choices make up your life…”YOU”.

Realistically, her world is partly make believe- fantasy…..telephone fantasy…..not all will be told by her….she will remain private-invisible to you in this domain of her life.

Whereas you must open up completely…. to tell her everything about yourself…..this is the smartest way for you….the place you can do it freely and safely.

This world of hers you enter…you only enter occasionally… weakly…whereas she will be there many nights and days waiting on you….entering into your world as deeply as you will allow her…..maybe even, pleasing you….bringing you great joy & release….either with or without an orgasm or better yet, a lovely social conversation enjoying each other’s company deliciously.

Will you match her? Integrate with her ....

or be like a wall….never to be penetrated at all … up in minutes…..without her workman’s tool or honey to drive open your mental window to let in a bit of fresh air to create new insights and ways of communicating into the mind-heart-body of your private world.

To hold back is not a smart move and a waste of money and time. Use your time well with her.

Take time….there could be something there you’ve always needed or been looking for all your life.

Whether you are married or not, doesn’t matter…… still may need her.

Great sex is only produced through complete openness.

Maybe, you are just different from her….blinding to each other? Don’t let this stand in the way. It could be so different….

that it could be hard to recognize the gift you each process for each other…..patience…trust….

with a little extra spending….could be the simple process to succeed beyond just a mere sexual evolvement…..even to maturity to your greatest self….to manhood.

Let her and you together try to go where no one has ever gone before.

Let her be a 'human woman'.

Women have the magic to heal, to free others, to create… change the world… change “YOU”.

Blink!! Years!!

We must continue to change….we must…..but also to recognize at all times our ‘specialness’ and our ‘successes’ and others too.

Have a blistering good time……'today' for 'HER'..

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