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Women, a word of advice, if you are unprepared to be sexy around men, both in fashion and in talk, then you should stay away from men and marriage and hard-ons.
,br>Men are obsessed with their penises…day and night…..and with the visuals of women …clothed and naked (all classes-kinds-types and shapes of women) or even the same sex—other men’s cocks.

I’m sure you’ll agree, that women are the most beautiful thing on the planet; nothing surpasses their beauty so it is understandable the reactions women get from both men and women.

All love to look at them and watch them move…..but the male psyche must keep in mind at all times they are human beings, not props (limited) or goddesses-princesses-queens (but treat them as such….because they deserve it and need it… produces more peace, beauty, and stability) or objects (what a cold way to see and feel)….or just long sexy legs in hottie ‘KISS MY SHOES’ shoes….’like body parts in a bottle’, (why there is a complex human-being inside there)….pay attention….more time and questions are required.

They must be treated sweetly and with great respect…..they surfer far more physically than men do and need to be studied and understood, not rebutted or abused or treated as if they are men’s enemies or an extension of men’s penises. And dressing up for men to be sexy and pretty-cute takes up way too much of their lives; an imbalance between the physical and the intellectuality of a human being's highest development.

Oh, women treat yourselves in the utmost kindness too and let no one force you-convince you into anything until you are ready and mature…..and wait ….patience….your fellow man must be heard and believed that they can be can be reborn into the best of ‘gentlemen lovers’. Teach them-Train them cause they just don't know.

They had sex 24 hrs a day, except when sleeping. Everywhere they went she was sensuous and teasing and loving. So delicious and sweet…..He learned finally the secrets of women.

She taught him how to fuck.

To just use a little of his cock at 1st. Just the head then ½ of his cock then just a few centimeters from the cervix….then one jab hit it….then another surprise jab off and on ....then….faster and faster fucking then slower slower then barely moving at all…..then fucking faster and slower but not hitting the cervix (the back) until boom....hitting that cervix with a jab.

Over and over…..never knowing what he was going to give her next next or when.

He kept her in suspense, but never doing his own thing…..she was the focus….they were connected like two ghost melted together.

She was in heaven and she was his heaven…..and he was the one giving it to her.

What a lovely gift…..a gift many women never ever experience.

Alone she would never be able to reach these heights….she needed him and he needed her…..If only he had had his act together they could have been complete, but he was immature and unprepared for a great woman like this.

You must be very aware and awake at all times to all things concerned with the turn-offs and turn-ons of women’s needs.

Even your voice is important….He learned how to adjust his voice and to use words to shock and inspire her or sooth her.

She was also aware of her own voice and how to use it to open him up and get him crazy.

Shocking to find out that even a slap or a forced action of just the right intensity can be an added stimulate-passion without the abuse normally associated with this sort of activity. A bit of S and M ……or is it just…..heat intensified--a healthy slightly out of control of the other parts of being human?

They never did drugs or alcohol or anything to enhance themselves sexually, just each other… works. They didn’t even use music.

When they were embarrassed that also added to the intensity of the moment of the sex and connectivity.

Deep talks also turned sexual. They would talk and keep their eyes penetrated on each other and patiently wait….this was also a way to turn her on….him on...talking to her intellectually and showing her great respect and restrain, until the right moment…..but if he acted too quickly or in the wrong timing he was treated as if he was a pig….but he never did… she treated him perfectly and he did her in return.

The movies are so misleading when it comes to romance and sex that really works. The movies are very immature or off the mark. Do not let century after century continue to keep us blind to the realities of what really works in the bedroom between adults and outside the bedroom, too.

Why don’t we have sex ed that teaches us the reality of women and men?

Is it that men are too weird and shamefully obsessed with the body parts of self and women’s? Is it because women are a lot of work or because they are so much more sexier than men and they can express sexually so much more than men just by a mere slight move-look-touch-sound-a piece of cloth?

Let it be understood the biological differences of genitalia of women's vs men's must be studied-taught-learned-practiced sometimes for years.

In reality each sexes must be somewhat approached differently. Body parts do need to be scientifically and educational, and even mathematically studied before ever even beginning sex the 1st time; or becoming sexually successful.

Final analysis, get educated and prepared before ever having sex vs just winging it. How? Ask many questions, read the right books, find someone or others who are very experienced and knowledgeable; and do ‘educational phone sex’, it’s safer, smarter, healthier, and in the end if handled well, more economical. When you find the right flirt-connection it can be fun, even real, at times.

Women are trouble too, keeping men hard and mindless literally so men cannot work or focus on the business at hand when a woman gets under their skin.

The balance of things becomes off kilter. It can be embarrassing.

Why can’t we as civilization just admit "oh my girlfriend or wife has got me on a perpetual hard-on 24/7, sorry, it’s just hard to focus instead of mistreating her for being too sexy or sexual-sensuous?"

Is this why men are so jealous of other men cause they know you got a hard on for his woman, just standing next to her or eating at her dining room table, just like you did at other times or maybe every guy including you have hard-ons under that table…for her…everyone wants to fuck her….the dick has spoken?

Sex is a job. 'All of life is a job' and a duty, even sleep, is a job, because without it, you go crazy,even putting your life in danger.. Until one realizes this they are not an adult.

So if you cannot do the jobs, then stay away from women.

He loves getting to know the 'real person' inside the body, then adding 'loving respectful sex' more than any kinks or roleplaying or masturbation or two women at once….etc…etc….

Now this could help produce ‘world peace’ and true togetherness and know how, without orgies or dating-fucking everyone on a test drive or simply for all the 'weak reasons-needs' we as a human species come up with.

"Now, where are those stockings?"

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