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She is a woman with great physical power; all ‘tomboys’ turn out that way, plus, all the ballet she did since forever.

So it is not difficult for her to go to a store or stores and spend $1000s of dollars in one day on just herself.

Getting whatever the fuck she wants…….so many clothes and shoes and boots and coats and lingerie and panties and stockings and creams and make-up etc.…etc…..simply, because it all looks so dame good on her.

She is like a hanger with flesh and tissue and great bone structure.

It takes lots of time and money to become a fashionable hottie woman… keep upgraded… be ‘the woman’ you men want… become your ‘visual spiritual goddess’.

So it is very much understood men wanting to be like her……sometimes, even jealous of her.

Do you know some men get anger at her for giving them ‘hard-ons’….as if she is evil or bad for them….to them… the women expressed in the old religious writings?

‘COCKS’ what a dilemma. Just a women being a nice person or smiling at you…. is a ‘hard-on giver’.

She knows you get them any time….anywhere. Sometimes, it isn’t funny, either.

‘Dress her’ for 'men'…..She’s ready to be your prop when she’s in the mood for it.

And ‘you’….. ‘Cross-dressing boys’ what would you like to wear today?

Should she take you shopping online….or embarrass you in public...She doesn’t mind….you’re paying. And she's too gorgeous for anyone to deny her, anything.

After all, without a great bod, a fantastic wardrobe, a great hairstyle, and an immaculate make-up job…….you are useless…..right? She’s not. This is a woman who without makeup still makes you want to cream, anywhere-any time.

Let the party begin…..She loves dress-up parties.

You too can be a woman, if you’d like…..not many resist.

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