Phone Sex

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- You are back online again. You have a need… and you allow yourself to believe that this need you have.. is actually a choice. Guys like yourself… will often times try and convince themselves, that the addiction to the darker path of sex, is something that can be controlled. Being a master and completely controlling the minds of many of my loyal pets is now as easy as a snap of the finger. You yourself, as you read this, are wondering… is this really possible ? Can this Master really infect my mind, to the point where I feel nothing but unconditional surrender… Can this master give me a hypnotize me … for real. So that I can accept that I will always be weak. So that I can embrace, that decisions are something that I readily hand over to my Master. It’s alright my pet. Even as you read those lines… you feel something different… You have lust… you have hunger… you want so desperately… to finally embrace that that the love you can not live without .. is merely a click in the way. New Goodies in my Goody bag normally every week.