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Small Penis Princess

6 inch 'Doormat Dolly' -- DESTROYED –

Cuckold Dolly your 'lil 6 incher' in front of your girlfriend, or just be my human furniture-houseboy-property-little puppy doggie-foot slave-abused slut. You're nothing to me-zero. You're only here for the taking. I'll leave you nothing, except, the memory of my laughter.

At least 'it' is big enough for getting squeezed and slapped, whipped, tugged, tickled and teased, but never pleased.

I might wrap my hand around your 'thick hard wallet' once you're in a dizzy worked up stuper. Then, give you a swift kick in the balls and walk away laughing at your ass.

You'll buy me whatever I say or get the hell out of my life, shortie!!

Don't even think about calling my other lines on my homepage that are for larger weenies, or 'little' teenie weenie 'cheaties' will be penalized severely.

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Each photoset below contains 3 Pics of me "without" the Bikini
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Photoset 1

Blue Bikini

Photoset 2

Orange Bikini

Photoset 3

Me in Panties

Photoset 4

No Bikini here

Photoset 5

Sex with Me

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