Phone Sex

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For more visit DEVOTOLOGY.ORG It is time to prove your devotion to ME by performing Devotations. Until you've performed ten Devotations, you are a Loser and only have access to my Loser Materials. Once you've performed ten Devotations, you become a Chooser, and you gain access to my Private Materials, which include more intimate photos and custom-made private videos of ME. These both include nudity. Once you prove yourself as a Chooser, you enter the Inner Circle. You shall know it when you enter it. There are several ways to make Devotations:


My favorite Devotation is when you submit photos, videos or drawings of yourself in the throes of your desire for ME. Each submission is one Devotation. Email your submissions to

Call ME

Every time you call ME and I help you complete your desire, it is one Devotation. Call ME here*: Call Button *If I am not available on the phone this button will say "send mail."

Buy a Photoset

Each photoset you purchase is one Devotation. If you are a Loser, the photosets are non-nude. Once you are a Chooser, they contain nudity. Naked custom videos are also only available to Choosers. Click here to view available photosets.

Send ME Tributes

A tribute is a financial gift to ME. Each $100 tribute is one Devotation. $100 Tribute $200 Tribute $500 Tribute