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Mistress Pinky Galore

Greedy Lusty Sex Goddess Worship: High Maintenance

I'm a high maintenance sex Goddess.
I take what I want from you giving little to nothing in return.
You will provide everything for me, no matter how frivolous.
Don't deny yourself the pleasure of pleasing me!
Take the 1st step & introduce yourself properly:

Trapped in my web of seduction, your most private thoughts are exposed.
Your compulsive confessions leave you spellbound.
I encourage you to push your limits, to sink deeper for me...
Are you nervous? Weak men are SO transparent.
Relax, get into my velvet cocoon; feel your mind dissolve into your lap...

Inhale my Arsenic Aphrodisiac!
My voice makes wallets ooze!
My ass overwhelms you...

I'm SUCH a greedy tease!
Dive into my Rejection Spiral!
Your head & heart will spin!

Jerk junkies love beating off to my clips!
Try one!
Click, pay, spend, stroke!
You must please me to keep my wrath at bay...

Give yourself up to an assertive, aggressive, alpha female.
Be in debt to me for all that I am to you: inspiring, aloof, and addicting.
Taste the sweet discipline of a superior Goddess today.

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The urge to spoil me will come naturally to you. The desire to shower me
with gifts will replace bad habits and selfish urges to only please yourself.

You know what I want: Spoil me! Sacrifice for me!
Call me and see how my voice lubricates your brain.
Close your eyes and feel your heart race and your cash flow.
I'm blowing kisses to your wallet, causing it to ooze :)
Purge your paycheck and splurge on me!

I want you to ache for me, I want it to hurt you,
and even then, I’ll never be satisfied.
I know what you crave, what you hunger for,
what keeps you up at night…
You desire a strong, controlling woman who taunts, tricks,
and teases you into giving her everything you’ve got.

I love to sensually humiliate you...
Call me, beg me to hurt you in ways that
only a high maintenance, greedy nymph can!
My sweet pink lips deliver deadly triggers.
Go ahead, splurge!

Financially controlling you and testing your
monetary devotion inspires lust from deep inside me.
I am turned on by money and gifts.
Your job is to keep me in a constant state of red hot financial arousal!
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I'm such a Pink Prick Tease!

Come plant your seed in my garden of greed~ your credit is your only limit...
You feel so safe and warm as you sink deeper and deeper into my pink quicksand!

Whether you are a buy-guy, a sugar sub, or a pay pig, your $$$ all looks the same to me!

Adopt a bill, pay a tax, buy a task, shop my wishlist, or just
have fun pressing my pretty tribute buttons, it's going to be a thrill a minute!

Loosen your mind, your wallet, and your limits!
Become brainwashed by my velvet voice.

I'm lovingly cruel and sadistically inclined.
You WILL give me what I want.