Phone Sex

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I am an extremely experienced Dom and have been into the scene My entire adult life. I own a dungeon and if you are fortunate enough to serve Me on niteflirt I may send photos of it to you. From the moment you hear My voice you will be required to kneel and kiss my feet. I will then explain My protocol to you. You will have one chance to speak to describe your interests, experience if any, and hard limits. You will describe your body to me in excruciating detail. You will be honest and you will comply.

From then on you must follow My instructions without hesitation. You will disrobe as I instruct and as you do so you will describe your body to Me.

Then the fun begins. you will squeeze and twist your nipples, put clothespins or other household clamps on them and you will endure until I tell you to stop. That will help establish that I am in charge. I can tell by the sounds you make whether you are complying with My instructions. Perhaps you will hold ice cubes on your nipples until I tell you to remove the ice. Or perhaps until it melts.

You will gather up some utensils as I instruct or if you have paddles or similar objects you will place them within reach. A large plastic or wooden kitchen spoon is a painfully delicious device for spanking. I may permit you to finger yourself momentarily to make certain you're thoroughly excited. I may have you do that for longer intervals as we speak but you are NOT permitted to orgasm without permission.

You will spank as I instruct you to do so. Yes, you'll bend over and strike your own ass but you will also work on those tender inner thighs. You can get a lot of leverage striking them with the spoon, a belt or even your bare hands.

You may be required to do situps, leg raises, squats, jumping jacks or other exercises. Your muscles will scream with pain but you must learn to work through the pain. I will be able to hear your movements so no cheating. I have zero tolerance for subs who cheat.

You may sit with perfect posture in a chair with a straight back, or perhaps a stool or bench. On the edge. We will envision a bondage chair and I may send you a photo of mine. You will begin with your fingers and when you are so very moist and ready you will touch your vibrator to your clit. And it will stay there. It will stay exactly where I require you to place it and it will stay there until I tell you to remove it. You must experience orgasm after orgasm after powerful orgasm and only I decide when you may stop.

You will be exhausted and weak but you will have enough energy to smile.

I do not degrade with words such as whore, cunt or bitch unless that language is critical to your enjoyment of the experience. You will be pink in more areas than one but you will look forward to your next experience with Sir Vér.