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My name is June Stuart and I love movies. I love stories. Fiction, non-fiction, blockbusters, documentaries, I am flexible. I just love creative compelling stories. I am interested in your story. I am happy to share my story. But I especially love when we collaborate to create new stories together.

Role play phone sex is like we are creating a private intimate little movie together. It can be a movie that starts and ends in one memorable call or it can be a story that continues on through many calls.

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Role play phone sex

You can contribute as much or as little to our scenes as you want. Do you want to pick a setting and let me create the scene? That is fine. Or do you enjoy doing the storytelling and you just want an engaged audience? I am a great listener.

Phone sex stories

I should warn you that I am a terrible actress, though. If you are into role play phone sex, you need to know right off the bat that I LOVE role play calls as long as you are not asking me to read a script or play the part of someone who is very different from me. The setting can be wildly different from my life, that works fine. I have done role play calls where I was a teacher, a scientist, even a Demon. But in all cases, I got to explore those roles as myself. If you want me to be something very not-me, then I would suggest you call another phone sex operator. I would not be good at playing someone who was weak and submissive or someone who was small minded or stupid, for instance. That would not be fun for me.


But if you like defining a scene or a setting together and then exploring how the two of us interact within that scene, I always enjoy those kinds of role play calls. Calls where I get to be creative and we both have fun being ourselves within a fantasy context delight me. Many of my most memorable phone sex calls have been quirky unique role play scenes that I co-created with my callers. So I am fine being your boss or your therapist or the Queen of an alien civilization. lol As long as I get to be ME in those situations. I am just bad at pretending to be other people and I am really good at being me! :)

Intelligent phone sex

I have a wild imagination and a nimble mind and I enjoy weaving together your varied interests into a unique and memorable story. The more I get to know you, the more material I can build into our shared role play fantasies. So please plan to chat with me a little bit before we launch into our role play.

Fantasy phone sex calls

Feel free to send me a short email before your first call outlining your idea for a shared role play fantasy. Remember that I do not want a detailed script. Also, I do not want a three page description that you clearly wrote while jacking off. lol But you may send me a few notes on the kind of scene you would like to create with me just to be sure I share your interest in a given topic. Call me soon so we can get started.

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Movies and stories that end abruptly are always unsatisfying. So what should you do if you climax before the story does? Just be courteous enough to say something like, "Thank you for the great scene, Miss June. I look forward to continuing this story with you soon." Never hang up without saying goodbye. That leaves me worrying your phone died and if you do it repeatedly, it makes me less likely to enjoy your company. Always say thank you for your time with me.

If you had a wonderful call, you may also show how much you appreciate my unique skill set with a thoughtful tribute. All gifts delight me.

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NOTE: If you forget my screen name, remember that you can always find me by searching for "June Stuart". I always use my full name so that I can be found by that search term. Just type my name in the search box at the top of NiteFlirt and ignore the suggestions they show you. Once you hit enter, it will bring up all of my listings.