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Welcome all of you pathetic piggy banks. You have the pleasure, no the privilege, of gazing upon the beauty and perfection of Domina Valkyrie. Domina Valkyrie is a child of the Gods, and is naturally superior to you in every way. So bow down and show your respect and appreciation of this exquisite mortal Goddess. Lay tribute at her dainty and perfect feet. Maybe you should also lick them clean while you are down there.

Most mortals are below Domina Valkyrie's notice, and you should count yourself lucky if she chooses to grind her heel somewhere into your anatomy when she walks by. However, occasionally, a mortal man or woman will leave a tribute in Domina Valkyrie's name, that pleases her so much, she might actually look in your general direction. You better avert your eyes if she does, otherwise you will suffer her wrath.

If Domina Valkyrie finds you willing to accept her as master, and you are able to offer her appropriate quantity and quality of worship and tribute, you may be lucky enough to become on of her slaves. It is a true and joyful honor to be the slave of a Goddess. She will use and abuse you in every imaginable way. She will drain your body and your bank accounts dry, and you will smile while she does it, and beg for more. It is natural to be happy when you please your Gods, and your soul will be cleaned and purified by her generosity of choosing to own you and lay waste to your bank accounts.

Domina Valkyrie has several slaves that served her well over the years, but eventually those slaves could no longer offer her suitable materialistic tribute. Normally, when this happens she would discard those useless slaves, like the empty shells and refuse deserve. But because of their loyalty and dedication over the years, she was merciful and now allows them to serve her in her every day needs, such as laundry, washing her hair, driving, and other mundane necessities. This is not something an average or sub-par slave would be able to accomplish. Only her most loyal and dedicated followers have a chance at this perfect existence. So remember to treat your goddess well, and maybe, when you have nothing left to offer, she will keep you around to do her light work.

Valkyries are very acquisitive in nature and love sparkly and valuable things. They are also fierce and cruel warriors and will retaliate if they are not properly respected. So never forget that you are dealing with a goddess and she has the power to and will destroy you.

Call this Goddess and pay as she IGNORES you. You will listen as she breathes into the line. Maybe you will be lucky enough to catch her while she is in the shower, getting hot and wet. Maybe the line will pick up while she is singing in her exquisite soprano voice. Or, maybe you will be luck enough to catch her in a session with one of her other slaves doling out humiliation or receiving pleasure.