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Hello losers,

If you're looking for some ditzy girl to tell you what a stud you are, well, then you've come to the wrong place. Its all about Me and I go to whatever means to get what I want from guy. I use everything possible to take control, exploiting your fetishes and pathetic little fantasies to wrap you around my little finger and get everything I want.

The more I manipulate and abuse a male's mind, the more excited I get. I know I could get you to do things you normally would not and use it against you, YOU KNOW I WILL! So if you spend enough, and are pathetic enough, you might make Me happy. I will use blackmail against you, perhaps, extortion, probably, but oh well, you were weak enough to do it anyway so you should pay for it, and pay dearly you will.

Get used to your new purpose in life. You are going to submit yourself to me because it is your one desire. My happiness is above all else. You are not worthy of an audience with Me. You are not worthy of My attention. You are not even worthy of licking the soles of my shoes without paying for it by the minute. Call Me now and if you're lucky you might hear Me mocking you and laughing with My friends about what a loser you are.

I love to Tease and Deny my lil pets, when the blue balls get full the wallet unloads.

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