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Cuckoldress - Dominatrix - Money Management - RtR

Welcome to the world of Georgia Peach, bitch!

Come a little closer.  I’m sexy, seductive, very busty, with a delicious ass.  You want me so, so badly, don’t you loser?  My voice is so sweet, teasing, tantalizing.  You feel so close.  Maybe, just maybe this is the one domme who will let you get closer to her.  You are thinking, if I give her enough, spend enough, submit enough, might I get that moment of bliss with her? On, poor little bitch, I’m going to change your world but it won’t be by having sex with you!   I’m literally laughing out loud at the ridiculous thought!!!  No, I’ll tease you mercilessly.  Draw you into my web of addiction. Blind you with blue balls.  Soon, before you know it, you’ll be in love with me.

  I’m not one of those sadist dommes who hate men.  If you want to brutalized, beaten until you are bloody, then don’t call me.  But don’t be fooled by my  sweet voice and teasing.  I strongly believe in the superiority of women, the power of blue balls, and the natural role of men to serve women. And trust me, once you wander into my web, the fun begins (for me… mostly blue balls for you! LOL)   You’ll be brainwashed to make me happy.  Buying me whatever I need for that smile that you live for, oh, and for a picture of cleavage or a custom video.  But it gets better.<<br>

I’m a real dominatrix.  This is not just a game for me.  I’m not some bored housewife or prostitute trying to make a few bucks pretending to be a domme.  I live it.  I have the videos to prove that men truly serve me in person. Stop hesitating.  I’m expert at finding your weaknesses and exploiting them. When I have you where I want you, you won’t think. You won’t care about anything but serving me. Understand from the beginning that you exist to serve me, including financially.

I know your pathetic perversions. I know how to use them to turn you into a mindless drone. From the second you opened this page, your life changed. Every pathetic craving in your weak, perverted mind is demanding that you crawl to me and become my slave.

Pull out that credit card and contact me loser.  You know you can’t resist.  You know you need this beautiful, sexy, powerful and demanding domme.  Now! 

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