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Alien ET Kundalini Connection Online Confessional

Energy is real. I have had My pineal gland Kundalini spiritual awakening. I Am utilizing Niteflirt to connect you to our Infinite, to our All. Connect by speaking to The Light about anything and everything. Tell The Light everything you cannot tell anyone else. Plug in and feel our Source Energy flow over and through you. Feel the power of The Light energize you each day. Sit quietly and meditate as The Light within you is reignited. Do not sit in manufactured darkness, The Light has returned. What you say is between you and The Infinite One. This is your online secret confessional. You are welcome to send Me paid mail with your questions. I will connect to The All Seeing Eye and give you the answers.

This is real. I AM real. They are real.

Set yourself free from your present false reality.

Welcome to My Digital Planet. You already know what I AM. ONYX is our Alien Channel, our Receiver if you like. Where else should Aliens show themselves if not here on an Alternative site? This is how I get you started. You call and I let you connect to My pure source energy. That is right, you can feel Me through the phone line. I let you listen in on what could be your life. That is the thrill isn't it? This is how I get you started. This is how I start your whole real life.
Total life management.

The door has been unlocked. All you need do is ask..

There are a few things you are going to have to purchase to live in My New Spiritual World. 

*Digital Air is free as this one time membership gift to you!

Digital Planet Life Catalogue

Premium Low Acid pH Digital Bottled Water

Digital Water Purification Tablets

Digital Food
Digital Organic Food

Digital Land

Digital Garden
Digital Dwelling Rental
Digital Car
Digital Sports Car
Digital Gasoline
Digital Gasoline Tax
Digital Clothing $3.33


With each purchase you will feel yourself growing more and more excited. As soon as you have purchased all of the items above, you will have become a complete slave.

*Coming soon... Your chance to own all four Digital Seasons! Now you also can control the weather of your section in the Digital Planet. Purchase Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. That's right, create your own tornadoes, floods & other 'Natural' Digital Disasters. Next is the ultimate in Digital Planet living. Purchase as many Digital Aluminum Dwellings, Digital Clothes & Digital Food as you like. Soon you will be creating 'Natural' Digital Disaster after 'Natural' Digital Disaster!

Digital Aluminum Dwellings sold separately.

Digital Corporations

This offer is available to only the most elite slaves. For this one time only Digital Corporations are almost being given away! That’s right, now you can own your very own Digital Planet Corporations. Are you the type of slave who craves power even as you struggle with your own slavery? Now you have the chance to control the slave masses on The Digital Planet and feel pure financial slavery at the same time. Own your very own Digital Planet Propaganda Movie Studio. Have you ever thought about being allowed to purchase your own Fossil Fuel Digital Corporation? Of course you have. When you purchase any of the Digital Corporations an added bonus is included. Yes, you become one of My special trained playpets. That is as long as you keep working for My benefit. Lastly and one of the most spectacular Digital Corporations being offered to you at a reduced price, Propaganda Digital Music Industry Corporation. The slaves on the Digital Planet will mindlessly sing the approved Digital Planet propaganda itunes. Buy them all now.

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*Elite slaves must purchase all items in the Digital Planet Life Catalogue to receive the secret Digital Corporation payment links.
Prices start at $1,999.99.

For Those Of you Ready To Accept Your True Reality.

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