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Serve And Worship The Original "Pervert Wrangler"


wran·gle (rnggl) v. wran·gled, wran·gling, wran·gles 1. To win or obtain by argument. 2. To herd (horses or other livestock).

I am the ORIGINAL "Pervert Wrangler". By definition, there are 2 truths about me you should never forget: 1. I am a ballsy broad who always wins. 2. I am here to herd all of you like livestock for my own consumption and amusement. My stable can never be too full of every piggie, ponyboy, puppy, sissy slut, human trash receptacle, domestic servant, cum dumpster and every other variant of pervy boy I can get my hands on. I have a pervert acquisition fetish and you are at the top of my shopping list.

I am a lifestyle Dominant woman as well as a Professional Dominant Femme Fatale. I am as real as a box of razor blades and equally as dangerous. If you misjudge just how sharp I am, you'll surely get cut to bits and run crying all the way home.

I'm not your typical Dominant. Black might be my favorite "color" but its not the only one in my palette. My Dominance has no boundaries or set rules to follow. I let no one define who I should be and you shouldn't either. Let's create our own unique perverted kinky world together. I am neither a Lady or Miss Manners. I always say what is on my mind and I put the "OH!" in "Opinion". I am in your face, uncensored and unfiltered. Those who can't handle the truth should look elsewhere.

I am the embodiment of the Supreme Female and I revel in being an aggressive Alpha female who will make you do perverse things. I am an emotional Sadist and Humiliatrix. I live for power exchange and mind fucks. I am not your typical Domina. By default I am a Goddess Cunt and I gleefully look for any decent opportunities to act as such. Don't expect to obtain or retain my attention just because you put yourself in front of me as an option. I have lots of options and little time. You'll need to impress Me first if you want to be seen as a priority and not as an option. When I give you that look that says "Go ahead, entertain me", you better be prepared to perform. Don't hold anything back; amuse and delight me with your filthiest thoughts.
Your goal is to please me and make me happy no matter the price. My pleasure is your pleasure. Only the most devoted slaves and the filthiest of boys maintain a residence in my stable. I have a soft spot in my heart for masochists and pain sluts to allow my freak flag to fly freely. I love devising new ways to manipulate pretty little things such as cock sucking sissies who crave having their man pussies stretched to new limits. Small cock humiliation is a favorite past time and I adore treating my boys like whores and objects. I do hope you like to clean because I have a lot of errands and housework to do and its much more fun to make you do it. It's time for me to round 'em up; don't be left behind! WWW.PERVERTWRANGLER.COM