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I have a silver tongue, I will be your anything.

I am a natural born Actor. The only gimmick I have is that my gimmick is everything. I can be anything you want me to be. I have a smooth voice, and I can do many, many different accents. I'll get fully into any character you want. If you don't know what you want exactly, talk to me and we'll work something hot out, i'm creative and wonderful at stories on the fly. Ever wanted to be totally dominated by a master with a deep scottish accent? Have you ever wanted a sweet voiced british boy as your personal fuck toy? Has it ever occurred to you that it might be a turn on to have a southern gentleman with a soft lilting drawl make love to you softly? you name it, I can probably do it. Incidentally, i'm ex military, so if a man in uniform is a fantasy of yours, by all means I know all about it... Do you enjoy bondage at all? bondage is a specialty of mine. I LOVE teasing orgasm after orgasm out of my partner. Watching them helplessly climaxing is such a turn on. On the other hand, if you want to tie ME up, also a huge turn on. I am who and what you want me to be. I'm well spoken, intelligent, funny, and i'm amazing at talking people to the heights of ecstasy. Guy, Girl, Anything or anyone in between, call me and i'm yours. I only have one taboo, I will have nothing to do with children or pedophilia. Other than that, i'm as wild, calm, gentle, rough, dominant, submissive, or whatever you want, as you want. also, unlike many of the people on here, I would like to show you what you're getting free of charge. I'm including a link to two blogs I have. First one is me, naked, cumming, tattooed, my big hard 9" cock, etc. +My Link The second is the porn blog me and my lover have. I'm very good in bed ;) + My Link