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Greedy Willow

I'm Greedy and taking ALL of your hard earned $$

Your Demise is My Pleasure

I am foreclosing on your future today!

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That's right, I am back Bitches! I just got back from a long hiatus and now my appetite for your hard earned money is even greater than before! So bow down to your NEW FINANCIAL ADVISOR For 2018!

I make no bones about why I am here. The only reason you are alive is to pay tribute to ME! I used to be sweet but now, I am just going to use you up like the worthless shell you already know you are.

No special favors are given and I will always TAKE TAKE TAKE everything and then TAKE some more! Get Ready because your future looks pretty desolate from where I am standing!

Make your deposit today and pray really hard for relief from the pain.

Oh yeah, here are DA RULES:

When you call, plan on me wasting your time on the phone.

I expect money and gifts to be joyfully given. It's my birthright.

If I tell you to do something, that means DO IT!

It's a given, I only want your money! Oh, and whatever else you have.

Buy my stuff on here and then buy it again.

My phone rates are never lowered. Asking is an insult. (Banished)

Repeat this mantra for best results: "I Must give Willow Everything!"

I am here to financially ruin you. (Non-negotiable)

Spending a lot on me pleases me!

Don't count on a reward, serving me is your only reward!



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