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penitent; feeling or showing sorrow and regret for having done wrong, a person who repents their sins or wrongdoings and seeks forgiveness from God. prophetess; a woman who foretells future events who speaks by divine inspiration or as the interpreter through whom the will of God is expressed. princess; a woman having sovereign power, a female member of a royal family, a girl that is spoiled and usually has money. retaliation; revenge, counterattack. repentance; to turn from sin and dedicate oneself to the amendment of one's life.
Taurean/Gemini Goddess of War+Sex ruled by Venus (Love) and Mercury (Communication) ~ Sup Losers? Bow down to Royalty You Insolent Pathetic Puny Peckered Peon :D
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Strengths: Potent sexual attractiveness, dazzling beauty. Weaknesses: A bit stuck on herself, but with a perfect face and body, who can blame her? Aphrodite is the goddess of beauty, love, and sexuality.
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In the beginning the earth was a formless void and in this void was blackness. And in this blackness there were creatures, evilness lurked, full of demons until God stepped forth and said “Let there be Light.” Before the earth was born the heavens were filled with Gods and Goddesses all stemming from the creation by the ultimate creator- the Alpha and the Omega ~ the beginning and the end ~ the father of life. Among these Gods and Goddesses there was a Goddess who naturally stood out from the rest for her beauty was so much more than skin deep, it was her love and compassion for human kind as well as her unprecedented goodness combined with an unsurmounted level of sexual attraction that made her all the more beautiful. Heat waves of love and sexually charged energy radiated through her creating an electromagnetism drawing in all unsuspecting victims into her radius. These victims became nothing more than pawns leaving her with the power to do whatever she wanted with them, but she did not desire to do evil, for this innate goodness shone through so although they were pawn scum reduced to mere peons at her disposal to do whatever she so chose to do with them, this relentless compulsion to do no evil overcame all other compulsions, thereby by this fact alone only increased the power she already possessed naturally simply from her outer beauty and intellect alone. Seduction came naturally for her and without any effort. In fact the more she tried not to seduce them, the more they wanted her. This Goddess’s name was Aphrodite.
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According to Greek Mythology we were once 8 legged creatures who were cut in half by Zeus, the slaughter is referred to as "kolobos" translated meaning "mutilated" some say he destroyed a beautiful creature while others say he created divine beauty for in severing the beast, he created man and woman, which is why we often times feel less than whole, destined to spend our lives searching for our other halves, our soul mates.
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