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Discussions on Male Dominance

I have been writing and speaking about dominance and submission—from both a philosophical and empirical perspective—for some time now. Being master isn't a role I play, it's a reality I live. As such, I am rather discriminating about who I allow into my personal life. Authenticity and passion is key to stirring my interest.

I am a creative. My mediums are the written word, photography, drawn art, and website development. I am the designer and administrator of Humbled Females, where I occasionally write as a columnist.

My sociopolitical views

As one might infer from the above, it would be an understatement to say I'm an enthusiast of female submission. Indeed, I do believe submission is the more natural, fulfilling state for the female sex, but this is not to say I don't recognize the existence and reality of the dominant female. To each their own, of course, but in my world, the female is submissive. That's just the way I like it. If you somehow find this offensive, please just move on.

Regarding queries to serve

I often hem and haw at writing these sorts of warnings, but I think it's time to provide a general caveat venditor since, judging by the messages I often receive, I'm apparently not clear enough on how deep the woods go with me. To that end: consider stepping into my closer circle only if you subscribe, first, to the premise of female submission I outline generally above (a visit to Humbled Females would be wise), and second, to be crushed and remolded under a man as his eventual slave. I have no tolerance for brats and divas, no matter how young or lovely their posteriors. I am not here for sex or to be someone's over-glorified sugar daddy.

If you have waded through all that and still find interest in getting to know me and potentially serve me, congratulations: you represent the thin, ruby-edged portion of the pool I'm actually interested in. I welcome your message.

Regarding comments, questions, acquaintances, etc.

I welcome contact from those of like-mind who wish to network or just want to chat. If you are a model or photographer, I also welcome a chance to associate. In the next upcoming months I'll be particularly interested in working with models from the Boston area for content acquisition. Drop me a line if you're interested.