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24/7 Ignore & Humiliation Line

*** Occasional Cheap Rates 4 you Broke Ass Losers!*** Call this line and I will only ignore you with the occasional humiliation thrown your way.. you don't deserve anymore than that. This lines for you nasty broke ass lonely perverts into voyeurism. Don't expect me to even say hi I might not feel like it... or maybe I'll greet you real quick before continuing on with my day, just so you know how much I don't want to talk to you. When I answer you'll get to peek in on whatever I happen to be doing at the time. Weather I'm working out, about to hop into the shower, your loser ass just awoke me from a nap, I'm fucking a boy toy, or if I just feel like laughing at you and sharing with my friends how big of a loser you are! You're lucky you even get to listen in on my life but I can't promise I won't hang up on you. Honestly I just want your money $$$ but sometimes it gets hard listening to you losers beg for my attention. But beg enough and you might just get it. Afterall making fun of you pervs is a hobby of mine. This line is on 24/7. Call, give me your $$$ and take a peek!