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Empress Olga

Sensual Dom, SERVE Your Hungarian Goddess

My name is Empress Olga,the Hungarian Goddess of your dreams.

Some Mistresses might claim to be Hungarian but I am the real deal.My sexy hypnotic Hungarian accent is sure to keep you hypnotized and on your knees crawling back for more. I am without a doubt the one you have been searching for your entire life. I am the perfect blend of erotic and extreme sensual domination. The epitome of the erotic temptations your desires can not resist. You will find yourself addicted in no time.Like an addict needing your "fix". I am your drug running deep through your veins making you my own personal fiend. There is no rehab or turning back. Once you have had a taste you will come crawling back time and time again. Your mind will remain filled with thoughts of me. Overwhelmed by your desires for me you will find there is no other choice but to succumb to the overwhelming urge to become my slave. Now let’s begin our journey with a little introduction so you can’t say I never warned you.


As a younger girl growing up in Hungary I was always the pretty girl men were chasing after. I conducted myself in a very mature way that let these men know they were not up to par to my standards, I knew what I wanted and desired. As time went by I realized quickly I had the power to get whatever I wanted whenever I wanted it regardless of what it was. So I begin trying this out with the older men who were drooling over me and my sensual nature. I knew instinctively that if I was going to run the show I needed to take charge from the beginning so I did. I had been watching my sisters and hearing how they believed the cock ran the man and not their brains so based on that I begin. Cock teasing became my friend and my greatest weapon. Tease and denial will always get a man to do as you please. Men can not stand to not be allowed to cum and will do ANYTHING to avoid or remedy that from occurring so that is what I have ran with to get my own way. My new found knowledge was so successful that it has landed me here in the United States with a sissy cuckold who is sponsoring my citizenship along with anything else I so desires.

Domination Style

I am not sure I would say I have one particular style but more of a mesh of styles to make my own. In Hungary I use a lot of hardcore domination techniques but have twisted them since immigrating into the United States to suit my own sensual style. I am an extremists in terms of cum denial and orgasm control I feel like these are things that are earned and need to be kept as rewards because men are a lot like puppy’s who do best with reward based incentives. I use chastity and key holding to keep your cock stroking addictions under control. I like to make sure you don’t have a choice to fuck up. If given the opportunity I know you will and I don’t want to have to turn into a hardcore sadistic domme unless absolutely necessary. So I suppose in a nutshell you can say my style is sensual but sadistic if need be and revolves around your sacrifices to show me you are truly dedicated.


I could go on and on about the things I love and specialize in but I will just give you a few but please don’t think these are all inclusive. Number one is sensual domination, orgasm control and of course denial if need be, tickling, spanking ( bare bottom over the knee), chastity, key holding, cuckold training with a little cbt fun if I so desire and see the it would benefit my ability to take complete control over you. Like I said this is nowhere near all inclusive but just a sample of some of the things I enjoy.

Off Limits

This is where being a non native English speaker gets confusing because in Hungary we simple do not believe in limits! I might be in America now but have no plans on adjusting my no limits policy. I don’t like limits but if I need to pick one then I would say bitchy men who won’t obey and call for training. I don’t deal with men who don’t know what the fuck they want so don’t waste my time or I will waste yours and your wallet as I laugh all the way to the bank.
Mistress Olga