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Feminization Finishing School

Feminization Courses Additional Courses

FEM104 Feminized Voice

Feminized Speech Images

Discover and develop your authentic feminine voice.

Course Tuition $50.00

FEM107 Introduction to Makeup

Femme Makeup

Introductory course for makeup application specifically geared towards the feminized male.

Course Tuition $50.00

FEM102 Feminine Fashion

Femme Clothing

Instruction in the complicated, beautiful world of feminine fashion. Learn about the silky soft wonders and how to wear them correctly!

Coming Soon!

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FEM101 Introduction to Feminization

Femme Intro Image

This course is a brief introduction to feminization in all of its forms. Contrary to popular belief (and popular fears!), feminization doesn't indicate sexual identity or sexual preference. Even a heterosexual "manly man" can find himself in a pair of silky panties!!

Course Tuition $10.00

FEM103 Feminine Handwriting

Femme Writing

Transforming your handwriting into a beautiful, authentic feminine artform.

Course Tuition $25.00

FEM109 Feminization Obedience

Obedience image

Learning the basics of feminization obedience through repetitive & classical conditioning.

Course Tuition $5.00

COC109/OBE225 Cocksucking Obedience


Learning the basics of cocksucking obedience through repetitive & classical conditioning.

Course Tuition $5.00

PUN103/GOD103 Confessional


Enter the confessional and tell all. Now.

The confessional is open to all.

PUN101 Punishment & Discipline

Punishment Image

Naughty boys and girls will be sent here when they misbehave.

This course is available by assignment only.

ADM104 New Student Orientation

Orientation image

This short course will introduce you to Notre Domme, teach you how to complete sample assignments and orient you to your life as a student.

Orientation is open and free for all Notre Domme students.

GIR006 Ballet

Girly Ballet

This preschool level course covers the basics of ballet at a preschool level, including basic positions and dance moves. You will learn girly grace and poise as you become a ballerina.

Course Tuition $25.00

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