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Mistress Aristella Blue

Open your wallet & worship sublime Mistress Blue!

Mistress Aristella Blue
Open Up That Wallet Wide and Say, "Aaaahhhhhh..." If you're a weak-willed wretched walking wallet in desperate need of a strong-willed, sexy and demanding woman to guide, regulate and manage your finances, then you've come to the right place. Are you a good payslave who wants to pay Me just to exist as a beautiful woman? Do you love the shortness of breath, the tingling sensation of butterflies in your stomach and the adrenaline rush that accompanies the knowledge that you will at some point in the very near future, lose control. Again. For some of you it will be the first time, though--more likely it won't. And, be warned: When you become caught up in my web and are subjected to my particular ilk of feminine wiles and erotic coercion even once, it will not be the last. Look on the bright side, PayPigs: I can promise you that though you will be all the poorer for it, you will fully feel the deep satisfaction that can only come from being given a task, carrying it out to the letter and knowing that you've done your utmost best to please your Goddess. Particularly devoted and good pay slaves who graduates to Paypet, sometimes get special rewards and maybe even get to experience your sultry Goddess spend your money in real time--which you know good and damn well will get that little dick of yours hard as a rock. know it feels so good to spoil and pamper a Superior Beauty who would never give you the time of day otherwise! I do not believe in beating around the bush and playing at false modesty; simply stated, I am beautiful, intelligent, seductive and powerful and know exactly how to fill your aching void and you will know it by the buzzing in your head, the watering of your eyes, the moistening of your mouth, the hastened rhythm of your heart, knots in your stomach and in the blood rushing to and engorging your little prick. Having said me at your own risk. Want to chat about it? Then be prepared to pay, Mr. And the bigger, the better (your bank account, that is.) I need lots and lots of pampering because, frankly...I deserve it.
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