Phone Sex

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Worship me as I ruin you and drain your wallet.

Whatever you have experienced in life doesn't matter anymore. Whoever you have known doesn't matter anymore. The priorities that used to be yours, now are meaningless.

I own you.

The only thing that matters is me. You will do whatever I say and you will thank me for treating you like the worthless piece of shit you are. You are vile and disgusting, worth nothing more than the cash in your wallet.

I'm not here to do any work. I'm the bratty princess you have always dreamed about loser. Trying to resist giving me everything you have is a ridiculous waste of energy. I am the addictive, mind-fucking, life-destroying, gold digging, spoiled, ruthless, bitch goddess of all your dreams and nightmares! You're totally fucked now!!

Just like that pathetic little hard cock between your legs, so excited to see me and serve me!! I will take your helpless little mind and mold it into my little playground. You are helpless to resist me. Resistance is futile. Submit your mind and wallet to me now. This is your destiny. I will own you. I already do.

I will drain your wallet and your tiny, pathetic cock.

You will serve me. You will obey. Here are a few of my fetishes.
BE WARNED: I will use them to bring you to financial ruin.

anal beads,
anal sex,
bisexual men, bondage, branding,
breasts, caging/confinement,
candle wax, CBT,
clit sucking, collar and lead/leash,
domestic servitude,
eating her pussy while he fucks my ass,

erotic photography,
fingers shoved in pussy, fire cupping
foot/feet, forced bi, forced
orgasms, orgasm denial, orgasm control,
gagged/choked with cock, gagged with transexual
cock, girls as pets, hentai, hot wax/wax play,
humiliation, ice play, intelligence,
kissing, massages
moaning, screaming, groaning and
other sounds of pleasure and pain,

oral fixation (everything to do with it),
riding crops, rope bondage/suspension,
shibari, shoes, sleepy sex,
tens unit, the sound of clit sucking,

triad, uncut cocks,
vintage porn, whip cream, whips, flogs, nipple clamps