Phone Sex

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I am The Bitch. you are My toy

Ms. Kimberleigh
A Bitch and Her toys

I am The Bitch. You are My toy.

I am more than a Femdom. I am the Domina Suprema. The ultimate Domme. THE Dominatrix.

You are weak. You want to become addicted – to my voice, to the way I make you touch yourself, to the things I make you do, to the way I make you feel.

I am an expert in orgasm denial, cock control, sissification, emasculation, CBT and humiliation. I will make you pant, moan, and beg. And then, I will make you beg some more.

I am not kind and benevolent. I am cruel. I am The Bitch.

From the moment you pick up the phone, your cock is under MY control. We play by my rules, or we don’t play at all.

My Rules:

  1. The first time you call, expect more talk than action. I want to get to know you-your desires, your weaknesses, what makes you close your eyes and squeeze your cock, trying desperately not to cum.
  2. Allow at least 40 minutes for your first session, and 20 minutes for following sessions. Cock control cannot be rushed. I would prefer it if you had more time available, but I understand that you may have time constraints that do not allow us more than 20 minutes together at a time.
  3. Your orgasm is at MY discretion. If I’m pleased with how our call has gone, I may allow you to cum at the end of our call. I am, however, a generous Bitch. If I have denied your orgasm, and you cannot wait until our next session, you may pay My orgasm tax and finish yourself off. You will, however, be punished exquisitely during our next session, if you choose to pay the orgasm tax.
  4. While I love a challenge, I will not argue with you, or negotiate earned punishments, orgasm dates, or anything else you may come up with when trying to top from the bottom. Submitting to My control means just that. I own your cock-and maybe your heart and soul as well.

I am an Erotic Goddess, humiliating you while you stroke your small cock to the edge over and over again. I’ll tell you about the men I date while cuckolding My rich boyfriend-men with big, black cocks just waiting to fill Me. I’ll tell you why you can never have Me.

For a full list of My interests, please visit My Flirt Profile.

Orgasm Tax - you were supposed to wait, weren't you? I told you not to cum, didn't I? But you just couldn't keep your hands off your little teeny wienie. For shame! Now, it's time to pay up!

Buy Me a Lollipop
I need something in My mouth - and it surely won't be you!
Buy Me Lunch
Obviously, I won't be seen in public with you, but at least you can still pay the check!
Pay for My Gym Membership
Pay for Me to keep My body tight and toned - the BBC's appreciate it!
Pay for My Mani-Pedi
My nails and toes must look perfect!
Pay for My Massage
you know I need to be pampered
Pay for My date with a Big Black Cock (BBC)
While I'm denying you the rights to your own cock, I'm out getting filled with BBC-be nice and maybe I'll tell you about it!

Orgasm Denial Challenges
Orgasm Denial is the ultimate form of submission to your Mistress-after all, you've had control of your orgasm longer than you've had your Driver's License! Submission at this level isn't easy-and I certainly won't make it any easier for you! Each morning of the challenge, you'll receive a personalized email through NiteFlirt, giving you detailed stroking instructions. My instructions are to be followed completely, no matter how difficult you may find them. I don't care if you find yourself stroking locked in your office, or hiding in the garage. If you think you won't be able to stroke when and how I tell you to, then My Orgasm Denial Challenges may not be for you. Each evening, you'll be expected to send me a detailed report of how you weathered the challenge! Live phone teasing sessions are available for added spice during your Orgasm Denial Challenge, but are not included in the price of the package.
3-Day Orgasm Denial Challenge $100 7-Day Orgasm Denial Challenge $200 14-Day Orgasm Denial Challenge $380 30-Day Orgasm Denial Challenge $750