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I am a Goddess, I will be worshiped, and I will be tributed.

I’ve always been given things without asking, gifts, money, and time. It didn’t matter, I got it all with little given back. And that’s the way I love it. I am a very fun girl as long as things are done My way in a timely manner. I also have a habit of looking down on the subs that interact with Me. Why? Because you are beneath a being like Me. Once you understand that, you might just earn My respect and a place at My feet.

Until that day comes, I expect tributes from prospective subservients like yourselves, vying for My attention. I can be quite accommodating to those who ask for it. But don’t waste my precious time with your petty excuses, complaints, or begging. I’m all for getting to know each other, but I’m not going to sit back and coddle you while you try to grow some fucking balls. Nor am I going to indulge your fantasies forever for free. You want to know My deepest desires, My darkest fantasies… Well pay up then. Wanna get your rocks off for free, google it. I’m not your fucking library or the fucking internet.

Fetishes I Enjoy

Cuckold; Locked in chastity, while I use you for My pleasure without anything in return.

Sissy/Femme; Dressing you up in girly slutty outfits for my amusement.

Body Worship; Worship and adoration of various parts of my body, i.e. Feet, breasts, ass, etc.

Humiliation/Degradation; Kind of self-explanatory, name calling, degrading acts etc.

Objectification; Used as an item or piece of furniture, i.e. footstool, step ladder, chair etc.

Pet/Animal Play; You act as my good lil dog/cat play fetch, eat from animal bowls, etc.

Foot/Shoe Worship; Having my feet or shoes worshipped, i.e. washed, pedicures, polished, kissed/licked.

Forced Intoxication; Forcing you to drink profusely, and then participate in any of the above activities.

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