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Welcome to my Phone Sex Hypnotist listing. My name is June Stuart and I am an accomplished phone sex Goddess as well as a passionate hypnotist. I love hypno! Hypnotizing willing men by phone is such a fabulous fun way to explore together. Whether you enjoy role play scenes, Goddess worship, humiliation, pain play, feminization, cock control or just deep relaxation, hypnosis provides the most intense and most direct route to your imagination and to the pleasure and pain centers in your mind.

Please explore this page as well as my other offerings on NiteFlirt to learn more. Then email me to set up our first chat. I am looking forward to learning more about you.

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Hypnosis is first and foremost a form of very deep relaxation. And relaxation is a rare gift in our modern world of constant pressure. Treat yourself to a session of deep peace and enjoy an erotic escape into my beautiful world. We will have a wonderful relaxing time together and you will wake up feeling happy and renewed. Please email me if you have questions about hypno for relaxation. Or call me now. :) Or scroll down to learn about other fun phone sex hypno options.

FemDom fetish hypnosis can be whatever we want it to be. Extra vivid role play scenes are a great place to start. But hypnosis also allows us to add physical elements to your fantasies including very real cock control and wild orgasms. Hypnosis allows you to fall deeper and deeper into your submission and that makes every FemDom call more powerful. Call now to discuss how hypno can enhance your FemDom fantasies. Or scroll down to review additional options for erotic hypnotic play by phone.

Whether you are seeking a loving nurturing guide to help you along in your journey or you want to experience feminine energy in a new way as my gurl, hypnosis adds a level of authenticity and physical enhancement to your fantasies. I can give you very real experiences that have staying power. Call me to share fantasies where you cuddle up with me and become more vulnerable or fantasies where you experience your feminine side in ways you never thought possible outside of surgery. Or scroll down to learn about pain play and chastity hypnosis.

I am especially fond of using hypnosis to deepen and intensify your experiences with cbt (cock and ball torture) and chastity. Pain play callers and chastity callers always amuse me in a special way. I love that you enjoy getting out of your head and experiencing your submission physically. But you may be surprised how real and how physical chastity and pain play hypnosis sessions can be. I can absolutely take control of your cock in a very physical way. And I can cause you excruciating pain without worrying about causing lasting damage. So hypnosis is very freeing for me in that way. I LOVE hypno-pain and hypno-cock-control. :)

Callers with other fantasies and fetishes are always welcome to email or call and ask about possible hypnosis sessions as well. Hypnosis makes everything more fun.

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Thank you for reading my full listing. I'm excited to talk to you. Call me now!

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NOTE: If you forget my screen name, remember that you can always find me by searching for "June Stuart". I always use my full name so that I can be found by that search term. Just type my name in the search box at the top of NiteFlirt and ignore the suggestions they show you. Once you hit enter, it will bring up all of my listings.