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Domination phone sex fantasies and conversation

My name is Mistress June Stuart and I love to learn about your fetish experiences and fantasies and to explore your boundaries. You should be warned, though, that other callers have reported being permanently changed by our work together. They say I have warped them. Made them dirtier and kinkier and turned them on to fetishes they never thought would interest them.

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Intelligent FemDom Domination

I am smart and curious and I pay attention. So I have a lot of fun learning about your weaknesses and appetites and then using that information to make you even weaker and more submissive. Whatever your FemDom fetish interests, I am sure we will have fun exploring your fantasies together.

Do you have tiny marbles?

Whether you are new to FemDom or a freaky old slave with years of experience, I can confidently promise fresh kinky conversations because I am not a professional Dominatrix or a BDSM lifestyle Mistress. I am not a stereotype and I am not playing a character. I am just a genuinely confident woman who loves to be in control and who enjoys fantasy play by phone. I just love to play, period. I am kind of a bossy girl who never grew up in some ways.

Domination phone sex with Mistress June

Too often, I think strict Domination is overdramatized. I have never been a fan of the melodrama. Plus, I think it is easier to lose control in a fun environment than a dark one. That is why so many people flock to Las Vegas to throw away their money, right?

Think of me as the Las Vegas of FemDom. :) You will have so much fun that you will hardly notice becoming addicted!

Goddess worship phone sex

It's entirely possible that I might ruin you for phone sex with other operators, so proceed with caution! I am not particularly possessive and I do not mind if you call other ladies when I am not available. But my callers tell me I am one of a kind and they often say no one else measures up once they have worked with me for a few calls. It's sort of like going to a "casino night" fundraiser at the local school. The amateurs may be entertaining, but really they only make you crazy to spend a fun weekend at a real casino, you know?

Panty fetish phone sex

Call me for submissive training, Goddess worship, CBT or pain play, orgasm control and denial, FemDom role play scenes, CFNM stories, cuckolding adventures, or just plain old intelligent conversation with an open minded and engaging partner. I love learning about you and playing with you.

Leg worship phone sex

If you appreciate all that I do, you should consider sending a tribute after each call. Tributes are like tips. This is a service industry and if you appreciate the service you received, a tip is in order. Generous tributes delight me and they ensure that you will always be a memorable caller.

Thank you for reading my whole listing. :)

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NOTE: If you forget my screen name, remember that you can always find me by searching for "June Stuart". I always use my full name so that I can be found by that search term. Just type my name in the search box at the top of NiteFlirt and ignore the suggestions they show you. Once you hit enter, it will bring up all of my listings.