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Kinky fetish phonesex w/ an empowered woman

My name is June Stuart and I am an odd duck. I am an over-educated, uninhibited, bossy, control freak who loves to tinker with submissive men. I have led an interesting life so far. And phone sex is a great adventure that I embarked on when I let go of outside expectations and I set myself free to just play and have fun all day. My life is joy centered. And I truly hope you will become a part of my joy.

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Intelligent phone sex

Do you like being tied up? Do you long to be humiliated? Are you a sissy? I am comfortable discussing a wide range of topics including all FemDom fetishes and most kinky lifestyle options, plus I love learning about new erotic fantasies and fetishes. Plus, you can talk to me about plain vanilla stuff, too! :) You can talk to me about anything, you will not offend me. But if your topic does not interest me, I will let you know that. I do not want to waste your time or mine.

Fetish phone sex

All of my favorite phone sex calls begin and end with two real people having an interesting conversation that allows for an authentic connection. You do not have to be real and authentic to call me. I will talk with the goofballs who call up panting or using odd voices or pretending to be whatever. But my favorite calls are with people who can be real with me before and after any fantasy play. I enjoy learning about my callers.

If you are also looking for a trusted phone sex connection and you like the idea of having someone in your corner who knows your kinky secrets and accepts you as you are, then you will be pleased to know that I have been a phone sex Goddess for several years and I am committed to practicing safe and ethical phone sex. Your secrets are safe with me. I am discrete and I have great internet security protocols.

Safe phone sex

I am a fun, friendly, Mid-western woman who is down to earth and easy to talk to, but you should not mistake my easy going charm for weakness. I can be a very strict Domme with men who need a strong Goddess. It is not an act with me. I enjoy lighthearted play very much, but if I detect arrogance or thoughtlessness, I will call you on your issues.

Also, I am an adult. I have lived some and I have seen some things and I have learned a lot about myself. I am not a college girl reading a script like some of the sweet but ineffective women on here that pretend to be Dominant but are willing to do whatever you tell them to do. I have nothing to prove. I am strong and smart and capable and beautiful and I am not here for praise, although you will likely praise me in time. I am here to have fun! And maybe to control you. Which is fun for me.

FemDom phone sex

You do not have to be submissive to call me. I can work and play well with peers. But I do not enjoy calls with men who want to Dominate me, so if you like to be in charge, you should call someone else. Other than that, my only restriction is that calls have to be fun for me, too. If I do not think we are a good match, I will tell you. If I think we work well together, I will tell you that, too. I really enjoy phone sex and I am looking forward to chatting with you. Call me soon so wwe can get started.

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For my regular callers and for callers I click with, I put a lot of time and effort into giving you an amazing exeperience. I pay attention and I maintain healthy boundaries so you can enjoy calling me as a professional and wallowing in the fantasy I create. If you appreciate all that I do, you should consider sending a tribute after each call.

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NOTE: If you forget my screen name, remember that you can always find me by searching for "June Stuart". I always use my full name so that I can be found by that search term. Just type my name in the search box at the top of NiteFlirt and ignore the suggestions they show you. Once you hit enter, it will bring up all of my listings.