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Miz Vy

The Girl Next Door Has A Whip!

I am the unexpected Domme, a professional Dominatrix for a world where sexuality is a source of pride. Whatever your assumptions about BDSM and kink may be, prepare to have them challenged and expanded. I view submission and masochistic play not as a sign of unworthiness or weakness, but as evidence of your strength and bravery, and I always treat the trust you place in me with respect for you, and for your boundaries. I expect the same regard in return. For me, what gets the adrenaline coursing through my veins is the ability to play my submissive as I would a violin--evoking just such a moan, precisely the gasp or writhing body that I desire to see. The fetishes I enjoy are wide ranging--and I always love to sample some new delight! I have been on the kink scene for seven years, and a professional Dominant and Fetishist for five, both at home in New York, and all over Europe. I have a deep love of genuinely creative and imaginative role play, and of the aspects of BDSM that require technical skill (rope bondage, single-tailing, the violet wand) and thereby engage my mind as well my sensuality. What is most important to me is my connection with my submissives. Do I sound like your kind of woman?