Phone Sex

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I write erotica and know my way around words well. please use me to fulfill your fantasies. Here is a sample:

Kneeling, eyes lowered, before you I tremble. I hear you breathing. I hold my wrists harder to keep from fidgeting. You walk around me, I tense. Your fingers are in my hair. running through it, playing with it. you move it over one shoulder. I feel your breathe along my skin as you lean in to smell me. I shiver with pleasure, I can feel how close your lips are to my skin. Holding my self still, keeping that tiny distance apart. I have to keep sharp hold to not lean into those soft lips, to not close that so small a distance between us. That is not my place, tonight I wait on your pleasure. I let out a long, slow breath. Your lips on my neck, then your teeth, slowly biting down, holding me, I moan and lean toward you. You pull back ensuring only your mouth is touching me. Biting down harder, you growl, sending vibrations through me, melting me. Releasing me, I sway, with out your support. My eyes are still down cast, my breathing rapid. I feel something cool, and smooth sliding over my skin, silk, it gives me goosebumps. You gather it and cover my eyes and then tie my hands to my head as well. Now you have me exposed. My breasts, nipples erect, down my stomach to my engorged, glistening pussy. My body alive with need, need to be filled, touched, used and abused. Anything but being left with the aching need growing inside.