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Goddess Temple *DUNGEON WEBCAM* Come & Play

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Welcome to Mistress Kya`s Goddess Temple. Where Women Reign Supreme. male beings are only permitted entry as submissive playtoys. Now take your rightful place at My feet. Here you will recieve instruction, assignments and pledge your undying devotion to The Feminine. I know all about your Fantasies and Desires. You want to be of service to The Goddess. Buy My Videos and see me live,In Action! Lifestyle Pervert, Alpha Female, Female Supremacist. You need to accept your role in life and put Me ahead of your girlfriend or wife.Why~ Because I understand and will Utilize your submissive nature whereas she is either clueless, uninterested or just doesn`t care about what your truly Need. I Know how you long to be property; Owned by a Glamorous Goddess. Besides BDSM ~ MY fetishes are Gold, LATEX and $$$. You want to Please Me,Right? I have an all male Harem of crossdressers,Sissy maids,glory hole money making cum guzzlers,serious pain sluts,Human ATM`s,and Bondage Enthusiasts. Where could you fit in? I like foot worship,leg worship,Hair Worship,ass worship,(Just Worship Me, Bitch)pantyhose lovers,Boot&Heel Slaves (My slave cleans My Heels before I head out for the Night and upon my return),Panty Worship,Smothering. I will give your Life meaning. My Pleasure is your Purpose. Everyone needs a purpose. Another thing I love is cock and ball torture.Be ready to amuse me with your self inflicted boo boos and pain. Candles,rope,clothespins,curling irons,weights,tens unit.Collect these items and call me you cock & ball pain freak! And how about that slutty Mangina of yours? That ass pussy? Been getting any attention lately? It Certainly Will with Me around. We will be stretching,training and slutifying your Hungry Hole :o) Hurry to the store and buy some vegetables then Call.And don`t forget My webcam line if you ever want to show me how things are progressing. See~I Know All About You

"The Shortest Day..The Longest Night..Born on the Winter Solstice..A Priestess Emerges out of the Opposition and Repression which vowed to Destroy Her.Trying Desperately to Extinguish The Light..So as not to Hear of their hipocrisy and Deceit..That Men Do NOT Rule By "Divine Right."

The Clinic Is Open. Lots of Stainless Steel Implements for your destuction.There is no `one size fits all` to the psychology of Energy Exchange.Sometimes it takes the compassionate Guidance of another soul to lead you away from the trodden path, to sit by the stream together and play, to dip your toes in and laugh.At other times I employ a merciless and cruel approach to giving you exactly what you need.The Goddess Temple is a special place where you may escape, or even...transcend your common reality.