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Therapist Samantha Summers

Original PsychoSexual Mind, Body Soul Phone Sex

Welcome to Proper Psycho-Sexual Stimulation
per Paradigm Plasticity!
...the part of my office where I deal with indulging or redirecting those with Desires for Financial-Domination.
"Bringing Balance to Mind, Body, Soul & Sex."

Those who have FinDom based Paraphilic-Addictions are much more likely to relapse back into excessive stimuli than most other Fetishes. The numbers are over a staggering 70-75%! Even my unconventional & controversial techniques find 50-60% of those treated falling back into their original ways. This does not reflect on the therapeutic paradigm itself, where one would say that the methods are meaningless, but rather it is due to the nature of Financially-based Fetishes in the first place. Think about it, the world doesn’t revolve around latex, nor does it focus on nipple-clamps, and it surely doesn’t have a foundation made of pantyhose. What is it dependent on? MONEY! (Currency, cash, wealth, gold, gems, value, prices, spending, profit, dollars, euros, cents, carats, etc.) Now what are Financial Fetishes focused on? MONEY! So, it comes to no surprise that a recovering FinDom addict trying to avoid things that remind them of their Fetish proves to be quite difficult. (This is even worse for those who use internet/phone based services for their sexual outlets. If I were to redirect your Fetish to something else, you’d still have to pay for it, and thus you see how easily it would be for you to slide right back to where you were.)

Just as others would, giving a Good Gift will put you in my Good Graces... and you may really want to be there!
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Erotic-Extortion Exposure:
(Despite the following having been Contractual, it is virtually identical to pre-contract admissions by this individual.)
I, ImpotentWimp, have been consensually blackmailed into telling the world how pathetic I am.
I know that I am pathetic due to my inability to get erections and perform the functions and duties of a normal man. My impotence is a constant physical reminder of how inadequate I truly am. Equally my Small Penis Size is a constant source of ridicule by women and disappointment for them when they see how small I really am. I thank Miss Summers for being kind enough to blackmail my pathetic worthless ass.

Like everything else, sexual pleasure becomes multiplied when there is self acceptance; that is when sexuality is understood, explored, and brought into the light. For many people, their sexuality is laced with guilt, confusion, and a lack of self awareness.
I am the Therapist; your Sex Therapist, who is here to aid you in completely untangling the monkey knot of your sexuality. Are you addicted to financial domination? There are theraputic methods that can turn your addiction around, giving you a sense of control over an addiction that may have you on the precipice of divorce and/or financial disaster.
You don’t want your mind confused and conflicted when trying to enjoy yourself, which will do nothing besides damage your sex life and psyche. Let’s break your cycle which goes from desire to diluted enjoyment and finally to confusion which leads to an unsatisfactory ending. Allow me to guide you to the brand new cycle which will end in pure ecstasy each and every time.
Also, being bisexual and having had multiple gay male friends, I can aid you with any sexual orientation issues, questions or curiosities that you may have. The issues that I can help you with in relation to this range from closeted homosexuality to cuckolding fantasies, which are more common than you may think, and from private cross-dressing to the solid desire for a complete transformation into a woman. Finally, I can offer methods that will assist you in your addiction to financial domination, and the most dangerous addiction of all, financial blackmail. Don't spend one more day in the cycle of self loathing and fear. Call me and let's get started on the journey to a healthy and rewarding sex life.
Likewise I am here to help with any relationship issues that you may have. Whether it is problems with your current wife or girlfriend, an obsession towards an ex, a woman of focus that you want to be with or trouble finding someone to have a meaningful relationship with, I am here.

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Step on in, shut the door, and let’s begin our session…
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