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Well hello, I'm Annalise. If you are here you probably already recognize that you have a sexual fetish.
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A person has a sexual fetish when they are sexually aroused by an object or material or act that is not usually associated with sex.
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Some of my other listings are about specific fetishes that I enjoy. This listing is divided into two sections: Fetish Therapy and Fetish Play. You might gravitate immediately to one or the other, or a little of both:
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Fetish Therapy
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A lot of fetishists are torn between the amazing pleasure that they get from their fetish, and the feelings of guilt and shame they have for feeling that they are not "normal". There is often a lot of secrecy around a fetish, and fear of ridicule or rejection if someone finds out your secret. It might also cause other issues in areas of your life such as finances and relationships.
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If this is you, give me a call. I'm genuinely a sex therapist, and I have a personal interest in fetishes.
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If you need someone with whom to share your experiences and fantasies, I'm here for you.
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I'm also a great coach for taking your wicked thoughts from pure fantasy to actual lifestyle. I can help you understand your fetish and think outside the box for ways that you might be able to incorporate it into your life.
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Fetish Play
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If you have read my feedback, you will know that I am also fantastic at creating vivid and intense fantasies about all kinds of material.
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I have a fetish for fetishes. I love kinky fantasies and sexual secrets. I'm genuinely interested in what makes your fetish so hot for you, and once I get it, once I really understand how it feels for you... then I'm all in on the fantasy too.
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I promise if we play, you won't regret it. I'll leave you intensely drained and aching for more.
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Call me.
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