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The reward for OBEDIENCE is PLEASURE.


If you need to feel a Woman owning your life, time, attitude, cum-releases, then you will want the simpler level of control where you consensually agree to be my servant, and I agree to be your Mistress. This relationship goes on for as long as we both are benefiting, enjoying, and both are satisfied by being in it.

You will visit me several times a week, for ½ hour or longer sessions, and we will explore your masochism in many ways.

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I may bring you to the edge of cumming, only to tell you to STOP while I giggle at the sounds you make as you have to stop when you thought you were seconds from release. I may make YOU count down from 10 to 0. And if I haven’t stopped you by the time you get to zero, then you may cum. But stopping you when you are at 5, or 4, or 3 is SO much fun! I can’t help clapping my hands in glee. But IF you have been into masochism so long, or so deeply, that the simpler level of control no longer satisfies your inner dark side, and it craves for more, then we can discuss delving into deeper control. Of course, entering to this deeper level has to be consensual on both sides, but once there, my pet, the only way out is my permission. I will give that permission if I am convinced you are desperate for release, and maybe upon payment of a buy-out fee.

While in that control, you will be my little marionette on strings. I will make you dance and perform.

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You should know that I am a researcher in sexual behavior. Some of the play I have with you at either level will be for my research. So the more innovative and experimental we can be, the more you will find me stimulated and excited. I love to hear about new ways to make you dance, to make you desperate, to make you experience humiliation and degradation. And most of all, I love your attempts to twist out of my control, which are doomed to failure!

And since I am a certified therapist, you may supplement your calls to this listing to calls to my therapy listing, where we will discuss what is happening to you. In the therapy mode, you will find me sympathetic, supportive, caring, and helpful in my suggestions. We may even find in therapy that our play time needs to be altered, and I will do that for you.

At which level do you want to begin our journey? Start at consensual and see if that satisfies your inner demon, or do we need to dive straight to the more strict, the more dark, the more dangerous?

I look forward to hearing from you! Let the fun begin!

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