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Bratty Brunette Beauty's Ignore Line!!!

I’m a young, self centered, dominant, open minded woman with many interests. My world revolves around me and so will yours. I love shopping and I can always find a place to spend your cash at any time of the day. I insist on getting my way. I get pleasure out of controlling my slaves bank accounts and credit cards. I love going on vacations that you pay for. I enjoy the control that I have over my slaves. Teasing someone until they squirm in their frilly little panties makes me grin. Large tributes get me excited. I love pushing buttons and expanding horizons. I can’t resist taking advantage of the money slaves that open their wallets to me. Oh, and I love to laugh at your expense and be entertained. I am not your Mistress. You will refer to me as Goddess and nothing else. I realize that by talking to me or saying hello, doesnt mean that I "own" you. I wouldnt want it like that either. I am very specific on what I want and I will not accept just anyone; you need to prove that you are worthy first. I expect to be called Goddess purely out of respect. One of my main pet peeves is disrespect, and that is a quick way to get your ass blocked. A relationship works two ways. You cant have a relationshop without respect. Once I know that you respect me, I will do that same to you. Now that doesnt mean I am going to be easy on you, that just means that I will respect you as a human being.. as every domme should do. There is a clear line between being strict and stern.. and being plain rude. That is one line that I do not ever want crossed. Lastly - To all of you pathetic losers that think that I need your money. I make great money and live a comfortable life. I got into findom for the power aspect. I love taking your power and controling you.. and I know that you love it as well. I dont need your money, but I know that I deserve it. After all, what else are you good for pet? (;