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Sophisticated Mistress Blowing Smoke In Ur Face

GET DOWN & KNEEL BESIDE ME. Listen as I light up & lay back to a relaxing smoke.

Hear Me smoking while I speak to you & imagine My sexy lips wrapped around as you hear each enticing pull. Dont you say a WORD! All you are is a stinky, dirty ashtray boy & all you'll ever BE. Thats all youre good for, isnt it? you are merely a vessel for My ashes & cigarette butts.

Mmmm I'm smoking......right now, actually. I looove a good smoke!! Why dont you open wide and let Me tap some ashes onto your wet tongue, you ciggy slut! your only purpose in life is to serve Me and open up that filthy mouth for all My cigarette waste. If youre lucky maybe Mistress will spit into your open, willing mouth. Perhaps I will even throw My chewed gum into the trash hole thats in your face.

I barely pay you any mind besides an occasional glance to fill your mouth with ASH! Mmm and you better not flinch when I sprinkle you with flicks of MY ashes either boy. They are coming from ME and ANYTHING that comes from ME shall be worshipped just as I AM!!

Now be a good ashtray bitch and receive what Goddess has to give. Thank Me for sharing part of My life with such a lowly creature as you. Thank Me for My gift.