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Superficial Snobstress

Pay4 MY Orgasms Minion ~ Losers Dont Deserve 2 Cum

TuffGirl Tess

Pay for MY Orgasms Minion, Losers dont Deserve to Cum....So you are a dumbfuck. The more dumbfucks I have dealt with over the years, the more I realize that although I wish these losers would act like real men and turn me on and make me want to get naked and cum for them, most of them just care about their own fucked up weird fucking fantasies and/or their own dicks, therefore they don't even deserve to see me naked let alone cum either.
But if your loser ass can actually turn me on and make me want to get naked for you, well then maybe I actually will, although keep in mind loser creature that just because I may give you this exquisite honor only if you are very lucky, does not mean your loser ass is allowed to cum, there will be penalties and/or punishments for violating Tess Rules.
If you insist on remaining a loser creature with no desire to upgrade your status from my perspective to my minion then you get nothing but treated like the loser you are, be thankful I even got on my webcam for such low life loser scum in the first place when there are so many other things, clearly I could be doing rather than wasting my time with you.
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