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Hey Loser Pay piggy come Let Me wallet rape you

Kneel before Me pig face! Do you get off on Sending Me all of your Hard Earned Cash??? LOL..Of course you do,thats why I had Made this wonderful Financial Domination Listing for all you weak pay piggies and losers. I'm great with money and I'm here to give you all My lovely financial advice. All day long you dream of a Beautiful, Demanding, Greedy, Female Supremacist Like Myself don't you? Well who would ever be bothered with a little maggot like you? Hahahaaa the only way girls like ME speak to jerk-offs like YOU, is for money. Money is power SWEETY and I do love having POWER over you. Over your whole life! Mmmm it excites Me. What does a little bitch like you need with money? All you need is the bare minimum. you are nothing, I am EVERYTHING. Look into My eyes. Aren't I a QUEEN?

I deserve to be spoiled and pampered and pleasured. Put on a pedestal to be worshipped and praised. I will live GOOD while you suffer for Me. Show your adoration for a true GODdess. I know you love when I wallet rape your sorry ass! you just need to give Me anything and everything I desire. I demand it, I deserve it. Look at Me I was designed to be worshipped and spoiled. I see you trying so hard to keep this pretty smile on My Face and I am instantly sooo happy with you! you are MINE and you show your appreciation by treating Me so well and making Me happy. Spoil Me, heres My wishlist show Me how much you need ME

~feel free to inbox message Me anytime with questions or concerns~ you know I love how after a long hard day of work you come here to talk to ME. you really make Me feel special. Im your fantasy Woman and you crave My control, you love My abuse and I love your money bitch, hahahaa. After all, thats all youre good for, right? you know thats the only reason I speak to you, then when youre drained I toss you aside like trash! you love to feel worthless though. you love to amuse Me and to prove to ME how much you ADORE ME. Thats why you spend all your hard earned cash on ME. ALL JUST TO KEEP ME HAPPY. you know your big fat..WALLET..gets Me wet and thats the only way you can do THAT! LOL!!Give Me what I deserve. Do all you can to make Me pleased with you. Do all you can to earn more attention from Me. Keep lifting Me higher. Just give it allllll to Mariyah.

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