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: Looking for the best phone sex? You've found it, here at NiteFlirt.

You have selected my Financial Domination listing, darling.

So, let's talk money, since that is what you need to do. Specifically, I know you need to call me, your sweet therapist Annalise, and tell me all about your need for a gorgeous woman just like me to take you for a financial ride.

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You want me to have access to your wallet... taking what I need for my bills, my needs, my wants. We can begin with small bills to be paid this current month!

You long for me to play games with your money and your mind, to keep you spinning in sweet anticipation of what I will do next, where we will go next in our tangled relationship.

You feel you have to buy my attention in order for me to be interested in you, for me to rest my eyes rest on you for even a single moment. You are willing to ruin yourself for that instant of my time; to hear me laugh; to hope to hear excitement in my voice as I hold out the next hoop for you to jump through.

But there is the bad after taste, isn’t there, dear? Other financial dommes take your cash and then walk away, their high heels clicking as they recede down the hall. They wait for your submission and masochism to take hold of you again, and you to call them for the same cash ravishing again.

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I want your post-cash-ravishing experience with me to be completely different.

I know you don’t want to think about that right now. You are totally focused on your complete desire to lay yourself as a helpless sacrifice at my feet, have me take advantage, and you get a complete sexual release as it happens.

But afterward… that sinking feeling that you’ve Done It Again, that your desire for real-to-the-bone ownership has left you alone, ashamed or destitute. Let’s plan to use that post-cash-ravishing period to continue our chat, but on my therapy listing. On that listing we will talk about what you really want from encounter with the dominant sex, and talk about who you really are. Do you want your masochism to ruin your life? Yes, you do... but you also don't. So let’s reconstruct your life during recovery time to create a system that will ravish your wallet just enough without ruining you utterly.

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Having said that, do I desire your slavery? Do I want to play with your masochism? Do I enjoy seeing you quiver as you fear what I will do to you? Of course I do.

I love your desire to quiver in the corner, waiting to discover whether my cat claws shall descend this time and scratch you unmercifully till you surrender to my demands.

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And then when your needs and mine are met, we will slide to a different place where you will feel my caresses working to strengthen your inner self, to make you whole.

Of course, in a few days, your masochism will take over again, and you will repeat the experience with me. You will again find yourself in servitude, paying another of my bills, or satisfying a want for some luxury item. And then the tender, loving caresses from me as I find your inner self and breathe words of hope there.

It will be some time before you escape that destructive cycle. And in each cycle, I will use you, and then strengthen you for your eventual escape from the destructive cycle. What a roller coaster ride you are in for!

The only way out of your financial domination addiction is to step into my parlor. Call me.

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