Phone Sex

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The hungry kiss, playful spank, that look. The look that sends a shiver down your spine. A voice that can cause your body to release. A presence that makes you feel safe. The discipline and order you need. The firm hand and strong body you wish to give yourself to. Direction, purpose, guidance, correction, and praise as deserved. This is what I offer. Ask questions, you will receive answers... You want to hear what a Mandingo sounds like? CALL ME! I dominate ... It's what I do. I feel most comfortable when I am in charge. Things work better that way. I am sexy, The whole tall, dark and handsome thing applies. I am best left in charge. I am most likely smarter than you. I love to play on/in/all over a woman's body. I take my time. I feel that making her cum over and over gives me power. I think ropes and skin make a beautiful combination when done right. My opinion will always matter more to me than yours. I will listen however. My voice is fucking fantastic!